Globalearning School

Focusing on the eLearning best practice & benefits for education, Globalearning School is positioned as on online education enabler committed to transforming & empowering education.


Transforming Education

eLearning is changing the face of education where people can learn anytime, anywhere, anyhow. The advanced of  ICT has been accelerated the learning pace & enriched the experience.

Empowering Education

Online education increases the access to educational service by automated learning management system & promotes a higher learning engagement by using interactive eLearning contents.


Globalearning School introduces enriched learning experience to leverage the advantages of available learning methods and channels for optimal learning gain. It combines interactive learning module, online tutor, audio and video books, daily learning feeds, and in-class practices.

Interactive Learning Module – This feature provides interactive eLearning module accessible for learner by using PC/notebook/tablet. The eLearning modules are built upon adult learning principle for optimal contextual learning.

Online Tutor – This feature allows learner to interact with our tutors for learning comprehension by text & voice chat, online discussion forum and email consultation.

Audio & Video Books – This feature allows learner to Search & Practice by accessing on-demand learning aids based-on audiobook and videobook for on-demand refreshment, practice & mastery.

Daily Learning Feed – This feature is delivered thru email every morning to feed the learner with daily learning snippet. The email is short, dense & clear which is very helpful & easy to stimulate a better learning gain.

In-Class Practice – This session is empowering learner to practice either in “real” or role-play environment for what they have learned from the eLearning modules. In-class session is emphasizing the practical learning that can’t be delivered merely by eLearning.


Globalearning School Programs

Fundamental English School

1.Introduction to Parts of Speech
5.Verb Tenses
6.Adjectives and Adverbs
9.Overview of Sentences
10.Types of Sentences
13.The Simple Present Tense
14.Simple Past Tense
15.The Future Tense
16.Present Continuous Tense
17.Past Continuous Tense
18.The Future Continuous Tense
19.The Present Perfect Tense
20.Past Perfect Tense
21.The Future Perfect Tense

Business English School

1.Introducing Yourself and Other People
2.Finding Out About Personal Information
3.Checking Numbers
4.Talking About Money
5.Talking About Departments
6.Describing Your Company
7.Receiving Visitors
8.Talking About Office Routines
9.Describing Processes
10.Describing Locations
11.Telephoning and Taking a Message
12.Making Requests and Offers
13.Giving Directions
14.Describing People
15.Talking About Abilities
16.Stating Likes and Dislikes
17.Describing Current Activities
18.Making Appointments
19.Making Reservations
20.Writing Business Letters
21.Talking About Types of Business
22.Explaining Business Organization
23.Changing Arrangements
24.Asking Permission
25.Agreeing and Disagreeing
26.Handling Complaints
27.Giving Advice
28.Comparing Jobs
29.Stating Preferences
30.Making Predictions
31.Talking About Plans and Predictions
32.Talking About Business Cultures
33.Talking About Company Rules
34.Making Invitations
35.Reporting Messages
36.Talking About Achievements
37.Talking About Past Performances
38.Reporting Past Actions
39.Recruiting A New Employee
40.Conducting A Job Interview
41.Getting Acquainted
42.Making Small Talk
43.Talking About Marketing Strategy
44.Confirming  and Changing Appointments
45.Arranging Meetings and Schedules
46.Making Invitations
47.Making Plans
48.Making Requests and Offers
49.Handling Complaints
50.Making Predictions
51.Describing Company Goals
52.Giving Opinions
53.Giving Suggestions
54.Giving Advice
55.Talking About Recent Performance
56.Talking About Past and Present Performance
57.Talking About Regulations or Rules
58.Making a Speech
59.Language of Meeting 1
60.Language of Meeting 2
61.Describing Day to Day Activities
62.Talking About Figures
63.Giving and Responding to Recommendation
64.Describing a Product or Service
65.Comparing Products or Services
66.Chairing a Simple Business Meeting
67.Talking About Advertising Strategies
68.Recruiting New Employee
69.Talking About Employee Benefits
70.Describing Business Goals
71.Talking About Speculation
72.Reporting Projects or Activities
73.Criticizing and Correcting
74.Talking About Business Trends
75.Talking About Risk
76.Planning a Project
77.Making Business Forecasts
78.Expressing Business Alternatives
79.Negotiating a Solution
80.Talking About Cultures