Globalearning Academy

Globalearning Academy is a center of excellence for eLearning enablement training & consulting services in strategic learning development and implementation. Clients can take benefit from Globalearning Center’s experiences as well as best practices in the industry.


Enablement Training

Enablement training is a set of training programs focusing on building competence in eLearning design, development & implementation.

Strategic Learning Consulting

Strategic learning consulting is a set of consulting services to advise organization in eLearning strategy & planning.


Through the enablement and strategic learning consulting, Globalearning Academy will enable a corporation in building competence, capability & capacity to deliver successful eLearning program to meet the business needs.


Globalearning Academy Programs

Enablement Training

  • ADDIE methodology
  • Project management
  • Learning design
  • Learning evaluation
  • Authoring tool
  • Rapid eLearning
  • Quality management

Learning Consulting

  • eLearning blueprint
  • Strategic planning
  • Implementation strategy
  • Quick-win program
  • eLearning best-practices
  • eLearning curriculum
  • Change management
  • Learning effectiveness